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Dipped In Gold are proud to announce the forthcoming album from everyone’s favourite noisniks USA Nails..  Having spent their formative years being the most unpopular members of bands that some people liked including - Kong, Silent Front, Death Pedals, Future of the Left and Dead Arms they are now on their 4th Album  released on 10th May




We begin the momentous journey of Dipped In Gold Recordings with our first release… by Leeds Art- Rockers MUSH

Like ‘Alt Facts’ before it ‘Gig Economy’ combines a wry social commentary with spasmodic and Idiosyncratic hooks and general guitar wonderment.

Mush have been causing quite the stir on the DIY scene supporting the likes of Rolling Blackouts, Omni, Ulrika Spacek, Drahla and Parquet Courts.

Gig Economy is on the 6 music playlist, they also had a session for Marc Riley on 4th September